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What is Entrepreneurship

“The Entrepreneurs always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity.”

                                                                                                            (Peter Drucker)

The person who takes action to do something revolutionary is termed as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is the one who builds up his business to earn profit and to make a change in the world.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a process of creating or building up a business to generate profit. Entrepreneurship means to make your own terms and conditions. Your terms and condition mean there is no boss, no restricting schedules and, pressure environments.

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label – it’s a lifestyle”

(Richard Branson)

Who is an Entrepreneur?

The one who observes the world deeply to find out a problem and then make a solution of it is an entrepreneur. They think beyond reality and give the world a significant change and revolutionize the world. Entrepreneurs are the ones who creates jobs, create innovations. The one who can decrease poverty.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

(Warren Buffett)

Why to be an Entrepreneur?

People become entrepreneurs to give a change to the old world. They are the one who dislikes being an employee. Entrepreneurship makes you able to be a boss and make you’re your own rules and regulations. They are the ones who is curious and ambitious.

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plan on the way down”

(Reid Hoffman)