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Why choose Global Big Mart

Global Big Mart is  Leading E-Commerce, Online Wholesale Marketplace in Pakistan. Our online shopping platform bringing a reliable, hassle-free, and convenient shopping experience to Pakistan. Based on trust and peace of mind, we aim to provide an unfailing and trouble-free shopping experience for the people of Pakistan. We are working hard and tirelessly to provide our customers the best online services, and online marketplace for their businesses. We are providing more comprehensive and variable wholesale products under one platform.

Our Return Policies

If the ordered product is damaged, defective, incorrect, or incomplete at the time of delivery, please return the request on the website or by email but the customer has to pay delivery charges.

  1. If the delivered Product is damaged or defective (broken on arrival), it will be returned on the spot.
  2. If the delivered Product is incorrect or incomplete, it will be returned on the spot. 
  3. you have changed your mind about the purchase, it will return on the spot, but the customer has to pay delivery charges.
  4. Used, resized, opened order, or item will not be returned.

Buyer has to pay the return charges if the buyer wants to return the product for any reason mentioned above.

According to listed policy (1,2,3), items or orders will be return in 24 hours, inform us, send us an email, or contact us soon.

Delivery Services

 Our Delivery system ensure you that we will deliver your ordered product within the given timelineat your doorstep. Global Big Mart has a fast and efficient delivery system, you just have to add your favorite or desire product to the cart, and also your destination address. Anything you have order will reach to your doorstep with any payment method you have chosen.

Whole Sale Market

Global Big Mart is a wholesale market, the wholesalers can sell their products online on this platform as well as a customer can buy bulk amount of Products at wholesale rate. We are making our effort for the wholesale dealer, someone from a far point cannot have time to come and buy the wholesale product, on this platform buyer or  any wholesale customer can buy the bulk amount of products with his/her full satisifaction and verfication.. 

Payment Methods

We offer you multiple payment options, you can use any method of payment.

  1. Cash on delivery
  2. By Bank
  3. Credit Card  (Coming Soon)
  4. Manual Payment (Transfer in the Account)

Other Payment method cannot be accepted except this method.