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Privacy & Policy

Global Big Mart acknowledges that your data cannot be sell or trade-off with any third, or with anyone. According to Privacy Policy, this data will use for internally within the company's uses. This Privacy policy elaborates how information is collected, use, and steps are taken to secure your personal information. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is significant to us. We, therefore, user name and other information which relates to you in the manner set out in the privacy policy. We collect the information which is necessary to us, and we collect the information if it is related to our dealing with you. We keep your data secret and secure as it is required by the Law or its relevant purpose for which we collect it. This Privacy policy also details the collection, analysis, use, and disclosure of your personal information. If a user continuously uses our site and accepts our Privacy Policy, we have the right to modify, update, add or remove potions of privacy policy when needed. Please Keep in touch with the update of the privacy policy.

Collected Information

We have collected the information from you when you get to register on our website, place an order, subscribe to our newsletter, or fill out a form. We may collect, store and process for processing purchase on our site, for any possible later claim and providing you, our services. We may collect assorted data including name, physical address, e-mail address, phone number, postal address, payment details, payment card details, or bank details. When you placed an order on the site.  We will use the information to process your order and provide you our services and information given by our site and other services which you request. Moreover, your information will be used to verify your account detail given to us, and transactional purposes when you place an order. We may provide your data (Name, Address, or Phone Number) to services providers such as couriers, or suppliers. So must ensure that the data you provide us should be authenticated. Your personal information is secured and stored, we cannot retrieve your data directly for security purpose but you can access and check your data by login on the website when you want. You can check your financial information, our order’s details, your transection’s information and your personal information as well.

Use of Your Provide Information

We may use your information for market search, opinion polls, and Business analysis. Your information will be secret and used for statistical purposes. Any queries, we may ask you will not be delivered to a third party. You can be a part of the opinion polls or any other competitive activity, by sharing your email address if you want. We may send you other information about any product, our site, promotions, our newsletter, and any related to it. If don’t want additional notifications you can “Unsubscribe” link in the E-mail that we had sent you. We further hide and keep secure the customer’s data while using it for different purposes such as determine the location, observing your activity on the site, or improving the shopping experiences. We may send you anonymized data to any third party such as a publisher.

For Competitions

For any competition, we will use the collected data to notify winners and advertise our offers. More details about the competition will be provided in terms of the respective competition.

Third Party and links

We may provide your information to affiliates, a third party such as other companies in our group, our agents, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, or partners to get help as elaborates in Privacy Policy. We can share your detail to avoid transactional risk, reduce financial risk, and protect from fraud. Or if we sell our business completely or partially, we have to share our database and collected information with our new owner or Partners.  As mentioned above we will not disclose or share your data with any third party without getting prior consent, unless it is necessary for a purpose set out in privacy policy, or required by the Law.

As you know that this site contains the link of other sites or advertisements. Which may take you to our site. Please note that we will not be responsible for privacy policy practices by those external sites. We will also be not responsible for the way how third parties use your information when we have provided your information to third parties and mentioned above in privacy policy.


Our site uses the latest security and technical measures to ensure the security of data, to avoid and unauthorize, and unlawful access to our site, or to prevent accidental loss, damage, or destruction of your data. The data we collect is stored and secured on our server is protected by strong firewalls.

Note:  You are solely responsible for the protection and security of your device and data. You should maintain the confidentiality of your data (E-Mail, username, password, and other accounts details).

Your Rights

You have the right to request or ask for the security of your information data, and access to your information, you also have the right to suggests any idea to correct inaccuracy regarding the security of data. You also have the right to restrict us from the use of personal data for any marketing purpose.