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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Before using or accessing our Site “Global Big Mart”, Read these Terms of Use carefully.

Global Big Mart introduction 

We warmly welcome you Global Big Mart. Global Big Mart is an emerging and online trading platform, these terms and conditions are governing you to access and use Global Big Mart along with its Features and Services. Using this Site, you must follow and accept these “Terms of Use”. This Term of Use seems effective upon your use and access to the website that mentioned your acceptance of these terms of use.

This website has the legal right to add, remove, change or modify any module of the Terms of use without any notification. The site will be effective when the module is changed without any notification. Keep in touch with Terms of Use and updates of these terms of Use.

About Global Big Mart

Global Big Mart is an emerging online E-Commerce marketplace in Pakistan. Global Big Mart trade with Manufacturer Companies and Wholesalers as well as retailers. We are putting all Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Pakistan together on a single platform. 

Global Big Mart has a variety of products with variations in colors and size. Vendor sales product on our platform to another client. Global Big Mart’s major purpose is the interaction between the wholesaler vendors and buyers on our e-commerce platform.

Any Vendor can sell any product in bulk amount by this platform. We are Providing facilities to the customer to purchase a large amount of product and its delivery all over Pakistan. The vendor party and customer can directly meet on a single platform without any hesitation and with happiness.  

We are protecting e-commerce from fraud by testifying the product to be sold. Global Big Mart has an Efficient and fast Delivery System.

Global Big Mart Policies

Users must visit and accept our Privacy Policy agreement to get services and access our website (“Global Big Mart”). During the sign-in Process, both users must fill the registration forms. User must keep his data (Id, Email, Password, Account details, and other related information) confidential and private.

Policy for Buyer

Buyers must fill the below-given requirement to get registered and access the services.

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone
  3. Address
  4. Email
  5. Password

When you registered yourself to the website user's data required to us will be secure and confidential according to the Privacy Policy agreement and Judicial Law of agreement. Your data will not be used for any other purpose. If you think so then don’t access or register yourself to the site.

Policy for Vendors

The vendor or seller will get registered by accepting and filling the below the given requirement.

  1. Email Address
  2. Address
  3. Owner Name
  4. Shop Address
  5. Message
  6. Confirm Password
  7. Shop Number
  8. Owner Name
  9. Registration Number
  10. Shop Name

The vendor’s data is essential for the buyer to contact. Vendor data cannot be shared with the buyer until the vendor wants to share. On another side, Global Big Mart guarantees to keep vendor’s data confidential and secure according to the below-defined rules and regulations. 

User’s Portal

To use certain services featured by the site, the user must require you to register on the platform. Buyers and sellers have to give access to a portal where users can get website services. Users can post product data (Product Images, product descriptions, Product related videos, price, and any Product data), any type of illegal or unrelated data is strictly not allowed on the site. The user’s account can be banned if our team found any unrelated, illegal, or unrealistic material on the site. User must keep his data (Id, Email, Password, Account details, and other related information) confidential and private. You must agree and accept this responsibility and ensure your portal data or its related details are maintained at all times and should take the necessary step to prevent misuse of your account. User should inform team immediately if anyone is misusing your account, or user has realized that someone has known his/her password or related data or used by unauthorized manner.

User agreed that he/she will be responsible for loses, if he/she misuse or breach the site rule and regulations. If users misuse or make fake orders, or any type of fraud or harm the site by any method. Strick action will be taken against the user concerning the judicial Law of Agreement and the user's account will be banned permanently. 

Platform for Communication

Global big mart is providing a communication platform between seller and buyer where seller and buyer can contact each other and share details of the product. Message and details of the contract will be on the Global Big Mart platform. 

You agree, understand, and acknowledge that this site is an online marketplace and e-commerce platform that enables you to buy or sell products listed at the price at any time from any area. You further agree and acknowledge that this is an only online marketplace and cannot be a part of any transaction between two parties. According to the contract of sale of products on the Site will be a two parties’ contract between the buyer and the sellers. The payment procedure will be strictly bipartite, and the Prepayment method with the service provider will be the electronic card of the issuer bank. Accordingly, the payment method will be strictly a bipartite contract between you and the service provider as listed on our Site. Contract of product sale with strictly bipartite, while payment will be on the platform and electronic card issuer bank. Payment is delivered to the seller in 5 to 10 days.

The continued availability of Website 

We will do our best to provide 24/7, consistent availability of services, error-free and uninterrupted. Moreover, due to any natural problem, the problem of the internet will not be the guarantee. In the case of modification, suspension, maintenance, the addition of a new feature, facility, or service you will be notified before or later. We will try our level best to limit the suspension or restriction of the site.  

Returning Policies

Product will be return if there is the right reason behind the returning such as the size of the product you ordered is not delivered, color has selected by the user is not delivered. Or another product is delivered except the order of the selected product. In any other case, the product will not be returned or exchange. 

Your Conduct

Users must not misuse the site, or breach the site, or harm the website. Users must not use any wrong method to access the site. User should not be the part of such activities that causes a harmful effect to the site. By such activity’s employees, stakeholders, administrators, officers, any other user directly or indirectly disturbed, impaired, or interrupted. Any data send from your device to our system, or any electric data will be responsible. Users should use this data for the legal purpose only.

Your Submission

Anything submitted on our site by the user including questions, comments, reviews, or Suggestions (“Collectively user’s submissions”) will become our property and sole. User must not use wrong Email ID, Name while subscribing, commenting, reviewing, or communicating with a team or another user. This will mislead us, and we will not obligate to and remove or edit submission without any notice or legal application.

Action against illegal Content

Any illegal, offensive or abusive post, content, or submission will not be accepted on this platform. If the global big mart team found any illegal or offensive material on this platform then the team has the legal right to claim the content and permanent ban of the user’s account. Global Big Team is handling huge of the product of seller and hosting services. It is very difficult for the teams to monitor every user’s content. If any user finds any illegal, offensive, vulgar, abusive, bad, anti-religious, obscene, pedophilic, unethical, objectionable, or any injurious material on the platform. Please inform us immediately, so that timely action can be taken.

Please provide us original details (name, address, phone, and official related information of the user) and proof of the person who is claimed and by whom he/she is claimed. In the case of incomplete proof or wrong proof or details, your claim will be considered invalid and unusable for legal purposes.

Copyright and Trademark

Globalbigmart.com, Global big mart’s logo, Global Big Mart’s content, and other values and contents related to trademark or our registered trademark is fully jurisdiction.

All intellectual property rights, where registered or not registered, in the site, all official and information contained on the site, website design, Graphic, images, software, music, sounds, videos, text, its alignments and arrangement, software and its underlying source code is our property.  

All the content mentioned above is protected by the copyright law of Pakistan.


Global big Mart is acknowledging that when you are accessing our online services on-site, transaction at your own risk, you must ensure before any type of transaction on our site. We will not be responsible for any moves or inactions of the seller nor any breach of conditions, representations, or warranties with the aid of using the seller or producers of the goods and hereby expressly disclaim and any all duty and legal responsibility in that regard.

We further acknowledge and disclaim that any representations in respect of quality, suitability, accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness, performance, safety and security, or legality of the products listed or displayed or transacted or the content on the Site. 

Our team had worked hard to provide to best services to reduces inaccuracy, uncertainty. We have taken care and cautions to avoid deceptions in content, this Site, all content and information (including the price of products), software, products, services, and related graphics are provided as is, without warranty of any kind.            

Third-Party Business

Any third party except Global big mart can use the services of this platform. The third-party which has its store, store operator, any affiliate store, manufacturer, or wholesale dealer can sell their products on this marketplace. We will evaluate, examine and check the product to sell from our site. 

We are not responsible for third-party action, product, content. In the case of third-party misbehavior, you can share it information with us by reviewing your transaction. We may or may not share user’s information or transactional information with you. You should read and review the terms of use and privacy policy carefully.

Communication with Us

We are an online marketplace, and providing the best communication facilities with users. The user must provide us official contact information (Phone Number, Address, Name, E-mail). The user can communicate with us via e-mail services. Our Team will communicate with the user via e-mail, by phone call, SMS, sending communication Messages, or letter a residential address.


We will not be responsible for any profit and loss of business or individual, any direct or indirect loss, consequential loss while you are using our services.   

Alteration of services and related Promises

Global big mart has a legal right to change the site or services, change policies, terms of uses, public without any notification or any prior notice.


Global big mart with legal or equitable remedies can terminate the terms of use and cancel all of your grants under the terms of use. On the termination of this agreement, the team will immediately cease all of your access to the site and accounts, and revoke all the Password and account identification and deny you access to this site again as a whole or part.

 Governing Law and Jurisdiction        

These Terms of Use are governed by and translated according to the Law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Contract between buyer and seller

 User order is the legal offer of the seller on the site. When a buyer purchase order or product from the site using official detail, before dispatching vendor or seller call the buyer and confirm the order, ordered product is submitted to the Global Big Mart Delivery Point, the team examines the product confirms the order by calling the buyer. After dispatching the order, the product is supplied to the user within the given timeline. Timeline matter whether the order is to be supplied within the city or out of the city. We may not completely responsible for the time of supply in time, till a third party delivered the order to the Global big Mart team.

Pricing, availability, and Order Processing

  1. All the prices of the product listed on the site are listed by the seller. Prices may be changed by the seller's side. When you add the product to the cart price will be the same as listed on the shopping page.
  2. The seller and team will timely update the availability of the product. While each product has it separate page where the user can also check the variation of product or an alternating product. The team may or may not specify the availability of the product. Otherwise, site the legal right to cancel or refuse the product anytime.
  3. The order that is selected is added to the shopping cart. Before placing the order, please check the order again. When the user confirms the order, the user gets a call from the seller for more confirmation, and the product is supplied by the supplier to the franchise. After checking and examine the product. To avoid fraud and problematic action, we have the right to get the debit or credit card details for validation of the payment. 

Fees and taxes

You will be responsible for all payment/fees/costs/charges associated with the purchasing of products from the Site and you agree to bear any applicable taxes as per prevailing law.